Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 32, Ultimo Dia!

Last day of the tour.. seems unreal... after biking 3,100 miles and climbing 110,000 feet Jose made it all in one piece and strong itno Williamsburg Virginia on the Atalantic coast. Great accomplishment!!! Friends and family are all very proud!

Thanks to all for the support and the good wishes.... gracias amigos y familiares por sus buenos deseos y palabras de apoyo. Jose esta bien contento y dice listo para la proxima aventura.

The pictures speak for themselves.... great feelings and emotions... and sense of accomplishment! Great ending to the big adventure!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 31

Jose rode about 60 miles today. It went well although his back and chest is still in some pain but he can tolerate it. He is READY for the last day of the tour tomorrow. A flat route that he plans on biking all 91 miles of it! Dale Jose, ya estas por llegar a la meta! .... and a speciañ treat: I will be welcoming him into Willimasburg!

Day 30

Jose is feeling better and was able to ride about 52 miles today and make it into Virginia, last state on the tour!  Good news.... the tour is almost over. Two more days to go!

Day 29

On the third day after the fall Jose is still trying to get good enough to get back on the bike. He is healing some and in good spirit. The group is still in West Virginia.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Days 27 and 28

 Jose was not able to ride these two days. The pain persists and his back hurst the most. Started taking  Celebrex on Friday and feeling a little better on Saturday. The group made it into  West Virginia after another 200 some miles. Wishing Jose a quick recovery so he is able to run the last few days.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 26

Made it to Ohio, ten states visited so far, wow! Today was a tri-state ride since Jose left Michigan, rode through Indiana and ended in Ohio. It was also a not-so-good-day for Jose since at mile 82 when he was clipping to take off,  his foot slipped and he fell hitting the ground badly witth his left shoulder, back and hip. Fortunately no broken bones, some abrassions on knee and hip and a lot of muscle pain and soreness. He is taking tylenol to ease the pain. We both hope that he gets better overnight and is able to ride tomorrow. Jose, que te mejores!

Day 25

Still in Michigan, it was a cool and wet day. Reminded Jose of his days in the PBP in France in 2007¡ Tough! But he completed the ride and is looking forward to flatlands tomorrow. The bike is still not shifting as it should but he has been able to ride it and hopes that it will hold up until the end. Seven more days to go !! YES! Buen trabajo Jose, vamos a ti, vas a llegar y mirar atras a este gran logro!